Our food service range also includes a few other tasty options with origins reaching from North and South America to the bustling street of Hong Kong. Choose the ever popular slow-cooked mini beef sliders, steamed lotus buns (bao), a delicious Chinese sweet bun made famous by Momofuku, David Chang’s renown New York restaurant. Or, of course raw cut tortilla chips, which are perfect for dips and nachos.


  • A. Sous Vide Beef Sliders
  • B. Tortilla's Raw Cut Chips
  • C. Steam buns (lotus buns)

Packaging Information

Weight per pc
A. 50g, B. N/A, C.15g
Pieces per bag
A. 25, B. N/A, C. 20
Bags per outer
A. 10, B. 1, C. 16
Pieces per outer
A. 250, B. 10kg, C.320
Lead Time Stock items